Recent Updates

18 December 2002

From Gregory Mullen:
A picture and information of the Denmark Oíche Chiúin promotional CD.
From Brent Cardin:
A picture of the UK Wild Child promotional CD-R.
From Lucilio Batini:
A picture of the Japan Enya limited edition gold CD.
Added details and a picture of a Marble Halls Korean promo, pictures of the USA Enya "longbox" and the UK Only Time promo CD-R.

29 November 2002

From Steven McMillan:
A picture of the Japanese Moonshadows Laser Disc.
Added a picture and details of the US Only Time - The Collection Sampler promo release.

22 November 2002

From Shawn Berry:
Details of the Canadian Only Time - The Collection release.
Added the promo Only Time - The Collection Sampler and an apparent precursor, Special Sampler 2002.  Any information available is wanted for a newly discovered Unknown vinyl picture disc.  Several minor additions among the promos, and a small correction.

15 November 2002

From Gonzalo Luengo:
Details and pictures of the Chilean Watermark cassette.
Updated Only Time - The Collection with the latest information.  Added the before unknown The Christmas EP cassette and Shepherd Moons in-house promotional cassette.  Other small additions and corrections, among them the details of the Taiwanese promotional Paint the Sky with Stars.

1 November 2002

From Ralf Badautschek:
Details and pictures of the Japanese promo Sampler for Shepherd Moons.
From Sebastian Zorn:
Contributed a picture of the Orinoco Flow sheet music.
From Brent Cardin:
Information and pictures of the new Japanese promo Special Sampler 2002.
From Steven McMillan:
News of a packaging variation for the Taiwanese A Day Without Rain set.
Split the book section into three parts; added links to the translation sites to the home page; added movies which have Enya songs on the Soundtracks page; added the video Portrait of Ireland; and updated the release dates and the track list of Only Time - The Collection (Deora Ar Mo Chroí has been added to the fourth disc).

27 September 2002

Added information about the new box set Only Time - The Collection.  Only a track list and release dates are known at this time.  Improved pictures of A Box of Dreams.
From Lucilio Batini:
Contributed many new pictures of older Japanese releases. These include 3 Tracks, Anywhere IsBook of Days, The Celts album and The Celts single,  Calmi Cuori Appassionati, The Enya Collection, Exile, The Memory of Trees, Only If..., On My Way Home, Only Time, Paint The Sky With StarsShepherd Moons, Watermark and Wild Child. His web page has been added to the Links section.
From Christian Bernard:
Supplied information about the early Enya videos "Aldebaran" and "I Want Tomorrow", which are part of the BBC The Celts documentary. These are now listed in the Promotional Videos section.

8 September 2002

From Christian Bernard:
Spelling correction of a video director's name.
Details and pictures of the A Day Without Rain E.P.K. promotional video, new information about the Themes From Calmi Cuori Appassionati soundtrack. 

31 August 2002

From Christian Bernard:
News of a an alternate cover for Only Time (Remix).  Details wanted!  One other small correction.
From Barry Jobson:
Details and pictures of the Clannad/Enya vinyl single Mhórag 's na horo Gheallaidh.
From Bill Pinches:
Small corrections, including an inconsistency in listing May It Be.
Music books update, a new Storms in Africa picture disc, and several improved scans of the promotional May It Be, Only Time and Only Time (Remix) CD singles. 

18 August 2002

Many factual corrections and additions to the singles section, several improved pictures of the singles.  Pictures of the Book of Days and The Celts limited edition art prints.  Pictures of the different 6 Tracks OBI strips.  Picture of the 10th Anniversary Exile with OBI strip.  Improved picture of the vinyl Only If... release.  Additional picture of the US Orinoco Flow promo CD.  Improved Storms in Africa promo vinyl picture.  Additional Exile promo pictures.  Improved Only Time (Remix) Australia and Japan CD-R pictures. 

30 July 2002

Details and pictures of the Australian A Day Without Rain and Only Time promos; picture of the China Roses promo single.

16 July 2002

Details and pictures of the German A Day Without Rain promo and Australian Only Time (Remix) promo single.

1 June 2002

From Ralf Badautschek:
Additional pictures of the Exile single and the 3 Tracks, Anywhere Is, On My Way Home, and Wild Child promo singles.

28 April 2002

From Jerome Allison:
Better pictures of US Wild Child promo CD test pressing.
From Brian Baranoski and Jerome Allison:
Details and scans of an additional US Only Time promo CD.

21 April 2002

From Brian Baranoski:
Picture of US Orinoco Flow (1988) CD promo; details and picture of a test pressing for the US Wild Child CD promo.
From Sebastian Zorn:
Picture of French two-track Only Time (Remix) CD single.
From Jerome Allison:
Improved pictures of US Only Time CD promo; improved pictures of Holiday Sampler promo.
From Jens Speh:
Details of Australian VHS Moonshadows promo; details of Korean promo editions of Only Time and A Day Without Rain.

7 April 2002

From Christian Bernard:
Further details of UK May It Be promo video.
From Ralf Badautschek:
Details of another Japanese promo issue of Only Time (Remix).
From David Le Dû:
Details of French editions of Wild Child and Only Time (Remix).
From Jens Speh:
Details of Australian CD edition of Enya; details of Japanese May It Be promo.

31 March 2002

From Brian Baranoski:
Updated picture of 7" vinyl edition of Only Time (Remix).
From Jens Speh:
Details of Australian promotional edition of Only If...; details of Japanese 10th anniversary promotional issue of Book Of Days; additional details of Japanese Enya promo album.

24 March 2002

From Lucilio Batini:
Details and cover scan of UK promotional DVD for The Video Collection.
From Jens Speh:
Improved scan of Grammy EPK promotional DVD; details and cover scan of the Singapore edition of Enya; scan of Australian May It Be promo; details of Australian Anywhere Is promo.

17 March 2002

From Brian Baranoski:
Details of Australian edition of the Only Time (Remix) single.

9 March 2002

From Jerome Allison:
Details and scans of the US Wild Child CD promo; better quality scans for the US Exile, Caribbean Blue and The Celts promos; better quality scans for the Japanese Only Time (Remix) promo.
From Ralf Badautschek:
Details of Japanese Wild Child promo based on commercial release; details and scans of a Japanese CD-R promo for Only Time.
From Daryl:
Additional details for the UK jukebox issue of Anywhere Is.
From Jens Speh:
Details of US promo videos for Book Of Days and the making of Caribbean Blue, and a UK promo video for May It Be; cover variety for the Taiwanese issue of Paint The Sky With Stars; scans of US Only Time (Remix) promo CD-R.
From Christian Bernard:
Additional details for the UK VHS promo video for Only Time (Remix).