Sending E-mail To Webmaster

General Information

We will always be happy to receive your comments on the discography and suggestions for improvements, and of course contributions of new material will be especially welcomed. Before sending a query please note:

The Frequently Asked Questions page answers the questions most often asked. Please check this first as there will not be a response to queries that are answered in the FAQ.
We can only deal with queries relating to the discography. For more general Enya information we recommend as the most comprehensive source on the web.

Address e-mail to either Jerome Allison or Jens Speh.

Contributing New Material

When sending new information please include as much detail as possible, for example track listings, labels, catalog numbers, etc.  Scans should ideally be about 300 pixels or more wide which allows for changes in discography page layout in the future.  Most common picture formats are acceptable.