Frequently Asked Questions

When is Enya's next album, single, video, etc., coming out?
Any reliable information received is posted on the Latest News page. This includes the much anticipated US release of The Video Collection.
When is Enya touring? Will she be coming here soon?
We recommend as the best source for general Enya news.
Where can the lyrics for Enya songs be found? What about translations of non-English songs?
The Lyrics, Chords and Guitar Tabs section on has a full collection of Enya lyrics. Translations of all non-English lyrics may be found at Enya - Translation and Lyrics.
Are all of Enya's albums still available?
Yes... well, strictly speaking, no. Enya was remastered and reissued as The Celts and the original deleted. This and the other albums remain generally available.
Are all of Enya's singles still available?
No. Unlike albums, singles tend to be available for only a few months before being deleted. There are occasional reissues, notably in Japan, but the majority of singles are out of print.
What about the videos that are not on the Moonshadows and The Video Collection compilations?
Others have been made (see the Promotional Videos page) and although not released commercially can sometimes be obtained from specialist dealers (see below).
Where can out of print and promotional items be obtained?
Items are occasionally available and advertised by specialist dealers in magazines such as Record Collector (UK) and Goldmine (USA). It can often be worthwhile contacting dealers and asking for lists of Enya material they have in stock and many offer search services for hard to find material. A number also have web sites - check advertisements in the above magazines or try a web directory or search engine such as Yahoo! or Alta Vista.
Where can bootleg recordings be obtained?
We don't know. Please remember that these items consist of pirated recordings and that in most countries their sale breaks copyright and other laws.
Does The Enya Discography sell Enya items, or can it obtain them for me?
Can The Enya Discography forward messages to Enya?