Paint The Sky With Stars

1. Orinoco Flow
2. Caribbean Blue
3. Book Of Days (English Lyric)
4. Anywhere Is (Edit)
5. Only If...
6. The Celts
7. China Roses
8. Shepherd Moons
9. Ebudæ
10. Storms In Africa
11. Watermark
12. Paint The Sky With Stars
13. Marble Halls
14. On My Way Home (Remix)
15. The Memory Of Trees
16. Boadicea

Compact Disc

Canada 1997 WEA ENYA 1997 e
Germany 1997 WEA PRO 6331/PRCD 917 ac
Japan 1998 WEA WPCR-1800 h
1998 WEA WPCR-2345 h
Korea 1998 WEA 3984-20895-2 i
UK 1997 WEA PROP374 a
USA 1997 Reprise 2-46835-AB
1997 Reprise 9 46835-2 g


Japan 1997 WEA WPCR-1800 j

Compact Disc + Cassette + CD Single

UK 1997 WEA d

Compact Disc - Recordable

USA 1997 Reprise 2-46835 b


1. Only If...
2. Paint The Sky With Stars
3. Orinoco Flow
4. Caribbean Blue
5. Book Of Days (English Lyric)
6. Anywhere Is
7. Shepherd Moons
8. Storms In Africa
9. Marble Halls
10. On My Way Home (Remix)
11. Stille Nache

Compact Disc

Taiwan 1997 WEA 3984-20895-2/4 f


  1. In slimline case.

  2. White label pre-production "acetate" in a jewel case. Some copies have no other labels or artwork.

  3. In store play promo featuring an extract from each track introduced in German. Disc is similar to the UK promo in appearance; no cover or other artwork.

  4. CD and cassette copies of the album plus the Only If... promo single in a 1 litre paint tin with a brush and some gold and silver die-cut card stars. The tin is stencil sprayed with stars and has an insert glued under lid.

  5. In standard packaging except that the back cover and disc are marked "Promotional CD Property of Warner Music Canada" and the promo number appears on the spine and disc.

  6. Track 11 is Oíche Chiún (Silent Night). Why it is listed under its misspelled German name (the correct spelling is Stille Nacht) is unknown. Made in Taiwan by UFO Group Co. Ltd. under license from WEA International Inc.

  7. In standard packaging except the cover is stamped in gold ink with "FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY. SALE OR OTHER TRANSFER IS PROHIBITED. MUST BE RETURNED ON DEMAND OF RECORDING COMPANY".

  8. In commercial release packaging with sticker.

  9. In commercial release packaging with sticker "Not for sale. Promotional use only."

  10. The track order is rearranged and Only If... is replaced with Only If You Want To.


UK Paint Tin
UK Cover
USA 2-46835-AB
Front and Back Covers
Cover and Disc
Japan Cassette