May It Be

Enya wrote and performed two tracks for the soundtrack of the film The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring. The promos contain variously the version released on the soundtrack album (4:16) and a shorter edit (3:30).

1. May It Be
2. May It Be (Edit)

Compact Disc

Denmark 2001 WEA PR02928 f
Germany 2001 WEA PR02928


1. May It Be (Edit)

Compact Disc

Japan 2001 Reprise PRO2952 d
UK 2001 Reprise PRO2952 a
USA 2001 Reprise PRO2952
2001 Reprise PRO-CD 100777

Compact Disc - Recordable

Australia 2001 WEA c
USA 2001 Reprise b


1. May It Be (Edit)
2. Isobella
3. The First of Autumn

Compact Disc

Germany 2001 WEA 93624-2429-2 e


  1. Same as USA PRO2952 promo with a sticker announcing the release date of January 21 2002 on WEA.

  2. Ambiguously marked as containing "Album Edit (3:31)".

  3. In slimline case without a cover.

  4. Same as USA PRO2952 but with Japanese sticker on case.

  5. Same as the commercial release, with promotional sticker and sheet.

  6. Normal German promo edition, with sticker in Danish.

Japan / UK / USA
USA (PRO-CD 100777)
Disc and Inlay