The Celts

This single was issued to mark the release of a remastered version of the Enya album as The Celts.

1. The Celts
2. Oíche Chiún
3. 'S Fagaim Mo Bhaile

Compact Disc

Australia 1992 WEA 4509-91165-2
UK 1992 WEA YZ705CD

1. The Celts
2. Oíche Chiún
3. Storms In Africa (Part II)
4. Eclipse

Compact Disc

Germany 1992 WEA 4509-91296-2
Japan 1992 WEA WMC5-579
1997 WEA WPCR-1143 b
UK 1992 WEA YZ705CDX a

12" Vinyl

Columbia 1992 WEA 7111 091296

1. The Celts
2. Oíche Chiún

7" Vinyl

UK 1992 WEA YZ705


UK 1992 WEA YZ705C


  1. Limited edition with four art prints, one of which is the cover.

  2. Reissue to mark the 10th anniversary of Enya's debut album.

Standard Cover
Japan (with OBI)
Japan (b) (with OBI)
UK Limited Edition
Art Prints