Anywhere Is

The title track was released as a 3:44 radio play edit: the full album version runs to 3:58.

1. Anywhere Is (Edit)
2. Boadicea
3. Oriel Window

Compact Disc

Australia 1995 WEA 0630-12872-2 e
France 1995 WEA 0630-12872-2 e
Germany 1995 WEA 0630-12872-2
Korea 1995 WEA 0630-12872-2
UK 1995 WEA WEA023CD a

1. Anywhere Is (Edit)
2. Boadicea

Compact Disc

Germany 1995 WEA 0630-13345-9 e

7" Vinyl

UK 1995 WEA WEA023LC b


Australia 1995 WEA 0630-12874-4
UK 1995 WEA WEA023C

1. Anywhere Is (Edit)
2. Book Of Days (English Lyric)
3. Caribbean Blue (Edit)
4. Orinoco Flow (Edit)

Compact Disc

Japan 1995 WEA WPCR-551
1997 WEA WPCR-1149 d
1998 WEA WPCR-1149 f
UK 1995 WEA WEA023CDX c


  1. The initial UK commercial issue was withdrawn prior to the release date. It has the same tracks but different cover artwork.

  2. Jukebox issue. Large center hole with label etched into the vinyl.

  3. Advertised as a "Limited Edition Hits CD".

  4. Reissue marking the 10th anniversary of Enya's debut album.

  5. In cardboard sleeve.

  6. Reissue marking use of the title track in a TV commercial for Kirin beer. The issue has a special cover but some copies are the 10th Anniversary reissue with a Kirin sticker.

Standard Cover
Japan (with OBI)
Japan (d) (with OBI)
Japan Kirin Edition
UK Limited Edition
UK Withdrawn Cover