Shepherd Moons

1. Shepherd Moons
2. Caribbean Blue
3. How Can I Keep From Singing?
4. Ebudć
5. Angeles
6. No Holly For Miss Quinn
7. Book Of Days
8. Evacuee
9. Lothlórien
10. Marble Halls
11. Afer Ventus
12. Smaointe...

Compact Disc + Cassette

Japan 1991 WEA WMC5-450/WMT5-450 c
UK 1991 WEA 9031-75572-2/4 a

Compact Disc

Japan 1991 WEA WMC5-450 b


USA 1991 Reprise f


1. Caribbean Blue
2. How Can I Keep From Singing?
3. Shepherd Moons

Compact Disc

Japan 1991 WEA SAM 883 de
UK 1991 WEA SAM 883 d


  1. Limited edition of 1000 copies in a presentation box containing the CD and cassette with a hardcover book containing the song lyrics and notes by Roma Ryan.

  2. In standard release packaging with a back cover sticker. Disc is stamped Sample Copy.

  3. As note (a) but containing the Japanese editions. Both CD and cassette are stamped "not for sale".

  4. Promotional sampler for the album.

  5. Same as the UK Sampler, with sticker on front cover.

  6. No identifying catalog number.  Only labeled as "10/07/91 (CASSETTE) IN HOUSE STUDIO/R H"

Presentation Box
UK Sampler
Japan Sampler