The Video Collection

1. Orinoco Flow
2. Evening Falls...
3. Storms In Africa (Part II)
4. Exile
5. Caribbean Blue
6. How Can I Keep From Singing?
7. Book Of Days (English Lyric)
8. The Celts
9. Anywhere Is
10. On My Way Home
11. Only If...
12. Only Time
13. Wild Child


UK 2001 WEA cd
USA 2001 Warner/Reprise Home Video

VHS Cassette

UK 2001 WEA TC546 bc
USA 2001 Warner/Reprise Home Video DVD38527 ac


  1. NTSC. Approximately 88 minutes.

  2. PAL. Labeled The Enya Collection (UK Variant) this is an unfinished timecoded version running approximately 85 minutes.

  3. Includes three extra tracks - a documentary titled Enya - A Life In Music and the 'making of' productions Caribbean Blue - The Making Of The Video and Only Time - The Making Of The Video.

  4. Preview DVD in generic cover.