Released to mark the use of the included tracks in the films Green Card and L.A. Story.

1. Exile
2. On Your Shore
3. Watermark
4. River

Compact Disc

Germany 1991 WEA 9031-7441-2
Japan 1991 WEA WMC5-387
1997 WEA WPCR-1147 a
UK 1991 WEA YZ580CD

12" Vinyl

UK 1991 WEA YZ580T

1. Exile
2. On Your Shore

7" Vinyl

UK 1991 WEA YZ580


UK 1991 WEA YZ580C


  1. Reissue to mark the 10th anniversary of Enya's debut album.

Standard Cover
Japan (with OBI)
Japan (a) (with OBI)