Details Wanted

We are always on the lookout for new material for the discography. There must be many releases from around the world that are not listed and any information will be gratefully received. Of particular interest at the moment are the following for which full details are unknown:
Title Country / Number
Book Of Days Japan / WEA WMD5-4098
3" CD single.
Paint the Sky with Stars Japan / WEA ?
Cassette promo.
Storms in Africa UK / ?
Abbey Road studio UK 1-sided 10" acetate promo.
Watermark Canada / WEA ?
Sampler cassette promo.
Watermark ? / ?
Vinyl LP + Orinoco Flow CD single + four prints promo.
Only Time (Remix) USA / Reprise ?
An alternate cover of this US release of the remix single.
"Unknown"  ?
An unknown vinyl picture disc.