Only Time

1. Only Time
2. The First Of Autumn
3. The Promise

Compact Disc

Germany 2000 WEA PR02230 a
Japan 2000 WEA WPCR-11001 h
Korea 2000 WEA WEA316CD j
UK 2000 WEA WEA316CD-DJ a
USA 2000 Reprise PRO-CD-100448 k

Compact Disc - Recordable

Japan 2000 WEA e


1. Only Time

Compact Disc

Australia 2000 WEA l
Europe 2000 WEA ? c
Mexico 2000 WEA PCD 1337
Taiwan 2000 WEA g
USA 2000 Reprise PRO-CD-100504 d

Compact Disc - Recordable

Japan 2000 WEA i
USA 2000 Reprise b


1. Only Time
2. Snow (Working Title)
3. The Promise

Compact Disc - Recordable

UK 2000 WEA f


  1. Cardboard sleeve.

  2. Unnumbered white label pre-production "acetate".

  3. In cardboard sleeve.

  4. Clear disc with 3" CD in the center.

  5. Advance promo "acetate". Printed disc in custom sleeve.

  6. Advance promo "acetate". Custom printed disc with title inlay. Snow was the working title for The First Of Autumn.

  7. Picture disc in a Digipak with the A Day Without Rain booklet. Part of a press promo package including a photograph, poster and art print.

  8. Same as the commercial release except that it has a red promo sticker, is marked "NOT FOR SALE" in Japanese and English, and has "SAMPLE" stamped on the disc near the center hole.

  9. In slimline case.

  10. Commercial release with "NOT FOR SALE / promotional use only" sticker on case.

  11. In plastic and felt sleeve with enya sticker.

  12. No front or back cover.

Germany / UK
Japan CD-R (1 track)
Japan CD-R (3 tracks)
USA PRO-CD-100448
USA PRO-CD-100504
UK CD-R (f)