A Day Without Rain E.P.K.

An Electronic Press Kit promoting the release of A Day Without Rain. It consists of an extensive interview with Enya, contributions by Nicky and Roma Ryan, Only Time director Graham Fink, marketing director Tony McGuinnes and scenes from several previous music videos.

1. Early Years
2. The Celts
3. Orinoco Flow
4. The New Album
5. The Video
6. Press at Humewood Castle
7. Arrangements
8. Lyrics
9. Gaelic/Ireland
10. Performing Live
11. Album Launch
12. Enya Ident for Press

VHS Video

UK 2000 Warner Music UK ab
USA 2000 Warner Bros. Mastering Studios acd

Beta Video

USA 2000 Warner Bros. Mastering Studios ace


  1. Director: Rob O'Connor; Producer: Trevor Rogers. ISRC No GB-130-00-0090-0.  Video date 24/10/2000.

  2. PAL dub. Distributed by Vanderquest.

  3. NTSC dub.

  4. Of the total running time of 57:06, there are two repeated sequences of the material - the first continuous, the second with breaks for segment titles and times. Dub date 9/11/2000.

  5. Total running time 24:10.  Dub date 12/06/2000.

USA VHS label
USA Beta label