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24 April 2003
The Enya Discography is in the process of joining with
1 November 2002
Este site agora está disponível totalmente em Português - A Discografia da Enya. (This site is now available entirely in Portuguese).
27 September 2002
A new box set titled Only Time - The Collection will be released in November.
7 April 2002
A remixed version of Wild Child is featured as a background track on, as released on the US Wild Child promo CD.

31 March 2002
Enya's May It Be video will appear on the DVD release of The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring.

17 March 2002
The new official website has been launched.


Recent Updates

18 December 2002
Added pictures and some information for Oíche Chiúin, Wild Child, Marble Halls and Only Time promotional releases, and of the USA Enya longbox and the Japan Enya gold CD.
29 November 2002
Added a picture of the Japanese Moonshadows Laser Disc and more details of the Only Time - The Collection Sampler promo.
22 November 2002
Added two Only Time - The Collection promos, an unknown picture disc, and other minor additions and corrections.
15 November 2002
Updated Only Time - The Collection.  Added Watermark, The Christmas EP, and Shepherd Moons cassettes.  Other small additions and corrections.
1 November 2002
Added a missing picture to the books section; added movies which have Enya songs; added the video Portrait of Ireland; pictures and details of an older and of a new promotional CD; and news of a variation of a Taiwanese release.  Other small additions and corrections.
27 September 2002
Added information about the new box set Only Time - The Collection; many new pictures of older Japanese releases; information about the videos on The Celts.
8 September 2002
Details and pictures of a promotional video.  Other small additions and corrections.
30 August 2002
Details and pictures of an early Clannad/Eithne release.  Music books update, several improved pictures of promotional singles.  Other small additions and corrections.
18 August 2002
Many small factual corrections and improved pictures of the singles.  Pictures of the Book of Days and The Celts art prints.  
24 April


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