Edits & Mixes

The following singles releases feature shorter versions of album tracks in at least some formats. These are often referred to as radio edit, or simply edit versions:

  • Anywhere Is
  • Caribbean Blue
  • Orinoco Flow
  • Wild Child

A few tracks have been released in more than one mix:

  • Book Of Days
    This track exists in three versions: the original Irish "lyric" version on the initial release of Shepherd Moons, the English lyric version on the Far And Away soundtrack, and a re-recording of the latter released as a single and replacing the original on later pressings of the album.

  • Ebudæ
    A remix of this track was used in the soundtrack of the film Toys and released on its soundtrack album.

  • On My Way Home
    A remixed edit of the track on The Memory Of Trees has been released as a single and on the Paint The Sky With Stars compilation album.

  • Storms In Africa (Part II)
    This track is a faster, English lyric version of Storms In Africa. It is listed in this discography as such but both it and the original appear with various suffixes on the singles releases themselves.

Non-Album Tracks

A number of tracks have been released only on singles and have never appeared on a standard Enya album, except in a few cases as bonus tracks:

  • As Baile
  • Eclipse
  • I May Not Awaken
  • Isobella
  • May It Be
  • Midnight Blue
  • Morning Glory
  • Oíche Chiún
  • Only Time (Remix)
  • Oriel Window
  • 'S Fagaim Mo Bhaile
  • Song Of The Sandman (Lullaby)
  • The Promise
  • Willows On The Water

However, Eclipse, Morning Glory, Oriel Window, and Willows On The Water do appear in the A Box Of Dreams boxed set collection.  Also, May It Be, Oíche Chiún, Song Of The Sandman (Lullaby), and Willows On The Water appear in the Only Time - The Collection boxed set.

Additionally there are tracks which have appeared on album releases world-wide but are no longer on the majority of current issues:

  • Book Of Days
    The original version of Book Of Days, which had an Irish "lyric", appeared on the first issues of the Shepherd Moons album but was replaced in mid-1992 by a recording of the English lyric version of the song used in the film Far And Away. The Japanese issue retains the original version.

  • Portrait
    This track appeared on the Enya album but was replaced by a longer version of itself, under the title Portrait (Out Of The Blue), when the album was remastered and reissued as The Celts. This longer version had previously appeared on singles releases as Out Of The Blue.

  • Storms In Africa (Part II)
    Originally released as a single, this track appeared on the 1989 re-issue of Watermark. It has remained present on the US Reprise issue of the album but others have returned to the original album format.

Finally there are two remixes which have appeared on film soundtracks but not released on any Enya album or single:

Alternative Titles

A few tracks have been released under more than one title:

  • Portrait (Out Of The Blue) and Out Of The Blue
  • Smaoitím... and Smaointe...

Promotional Issues

Promotional issues, often referred to simply as promos, are usually issued by record companies to publicise forthcoming commercial releases. Their distribution is limited - sometimes only on loan - to the press and broadcast media, on condition that they are not to be sold when no longer of use. In reality many promo items find their way onto the collectors' market.

Some artists - or their record companies - also use promos to make tracks or remixes that are not destined for public release available for radio play, making them all the more desirable to collectors. So far there are only two known examples of promo-only Enya material: the Japanese The Best Of Enya promo contains what appears to be an early version of Only If... under the title Only If You Want To, and the US Wild Child promo that features a remixed version of the radio edit of the track.

Many promo issues are simply the commercial release with overprinting or a sticker to denote its promotional status. If the promo issue number is the same as its commercial counterpart then this is likely to be the case.

Spelling Errors

The names of a few tracks have been incorrectly spelled on the sleeves and/or media of some releases:

  • After Ventus
    This has appeared on the track listings of at least the US issue of Only Time - The Collection.  It is actually Afer Ventus, and is correct in booklet notes.

  • Ebudf
    This appeared on some early Australian issues of Shepherd Moons and is actually Ebudæ.

  • Oíche Chiún
    A version of the traditional Christmas carol Silent Night sung in Irish. Although the title, spelled as above, has used on most releases, it appears that "Chiún" should in fact be "Chiúin".

  • Qriel Window
    This appears on the sleeve of the original release of the Japanese Book Of Days CD. The track is really Oriel Window and is listed correctly on the disc itself.

  • 'S Fagaim Mo Bhaile
    This title should properly be spelled 'S Fágaim Mo Bhaile.

  • 'S Fagain Mo Bhaile
    This appears on both the sleeves and media of several releases. The track is actually 'S Fagaim Mo Bhaile.


So far no "true" bootlegs - issues featuring unreleased recordings - have come to light, but there have been a number of unauthorised releases of commonly available material.