The Best Of Enya

A compilation that may be an early promo for what would eventually be released as Paint The Sky With Stars. Only If You Want To appears to be an early version (lacking, for example,  the French vocal part) of the track that would later be issued as Only If... and Book Of Days is the original version. Issued in a slimline case with the title on the spine.

1. Only If You Want To
2. Orinoco Flow
3. Caribbean Blue
4. Watermark
5. China Roses
6. The Celts
7. Book Of Days
8. Storms In Africa (Part II)
9. Ebudæ
10. The Memory Of Trees
11. Anywhere Is
12. Marble Halls
13. On My Way Home
14. Shepherd Moons
15. Boadicea
16. Oíche Chiún

Compact Disc

Japan 1997 WEA PCS-281 a


  1. Later issues had the "You Want To" part of Only If You Want To crossed out and a sticker on the case saying that the disc contains Only If...