About The Enya Discography


The Enya Discography was originally part of the Enya Unofficial Home Page (EUHP) which David Allum set up in July 1994 and which quickly established itself as the web's most comprehensive Enya resource. In April 1997 the EUHP, with the exception of the discography, was taken over by Peter Pehrson, the site being re-launched with John Eckroth as shepherdmoons.net in May 2000, and then as enya.com in March 2002.  In May 2002 David Allum relinquished the discography and its maintenance to Jerome Allison and Jens Speh.

This site has no official status and is not endorsed by Enya, her management, or record companies. The material it contains may be used for personal and research purposes only.

Feedback and Contributions

We're always happy to receive your comments on the discography and suggestions for improvements, and contributions of new material will be especially welcomed.

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For best results the discography should be viewed at a minimum screen resolution of 800600 pixels in 16-bit or better color using a browser that supports style sheets and JavaScript. The latest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator and Opera web browsers are recommended, and the site is currently tested with Internet Explorer 6.0, Netscape 6.2 and Opera 6.01.