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Look forward to seeing everyone in 2021 !!

TV Placement! The Window's 'Runnin' Alone' in Season 1, Episode 5 of NBC's "Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist". The song is being played in the background of the bar scene.

New Song, July 2020! Larry Brewer - Those Were the Days

New home video, June 2020 Larry Brewer - Second Time Around (from the album, "Shine")

New Song, April 2020! Larry Brewer - 25 (Twenty Five)

New Song, April 2020! Larry Brewer - Driving in My Car

2/19/2020 Pictures - Recording Larry's new song, "When We Were Young", at Malaco Studios (with Barry Leach, David Cummings, and Eddie Ingram).

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Biography Information

Larry Brewer was born in Chicago, Illinois (on May 21st). He began playing the guitar at the age of 9. He was inspired by the Beatles and and the British Invasion. "During that period, I just didn't care about American rock 'n roll. I wasn't interested in it at all. I listened to The Kinks, The Who, The Searchers, and of course the Beatles." For detailed bio, please click here.


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Larry Brewer - VIDEOS

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Larry Brewer - RADIO & STREAMING

Larry Brewer's and The Windows music is available for streaming on Spotify and YouTube.

Stream the songs from 'The Windows' CD, "Runnin' Alone" on YouTube.
Stream the songs from "Waxing Ardent" on YouTube.
Stream the songs from "Lucky Ever After" on YouTube.
Stream the songs from "Traveling at the Speed of Life" on YouTube.
Stream the songs from "World Going Crazy" on YouTube by clicking this link.
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Larry's music is in rotation on (click here to listen live or request a song)

Larry Brewer - MUSIC

Larry Brewer's music available NOW on Buy the CDs or download.
Larry Brewer's music available NOW on iTunes
Purchase or download from CDBABY

"SHINE", 2017 (click here for more info)
"WAXING ARDENT", 2012 (click here for more info)
LARRY BREWER: Waxing Ardent
"LUCKY EVER AFTER", 2008 (click here for more info)
LARRY BREWER: Lucky Ever After
"WORLD GOING CRAZY", 2014 (click here for more info)

LARRY BREWER: World Going Crazy
"TRAVELING AT THE SPEED OF LIFE" CD, 1996 (click here for more info)
LARRY BREWER: Traveling at the Speed of Life
Available NOW! 'Songs For A Better Planet Volume IV - Gulf Coast Edition' - featuring Larry's song, 'Brand New Revolution'.
Follow the links to purchase. All proceeds go to the Gulf Restoration Network. "....Larry Brewer prescribes a “Brand New Revolution” with alt-Pop urgency..."

The Windows - MUSIC

'The Windows' music is available NOW on Download songs, the album, or purchase the physical CD
'The Windows' music available NOW on iTunes
Purchase or download from CDBABY

THE WINDOWS - "RUNNIN' ALONE" Reissue on CD, 2001 (click here for more info)
THE WINDOWS: Runnin' Alone


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Music Placements: TV, Movies, etc.

Another placement for Larry on TV! The Windows song, "Photograph", is in AMC's 'Halt and Catch Fire'. Season 2 Episode 8 'Limbo'. Check it out...

The Windows', "Runnin' Alone", was used in the May 8th episode of 'Bad Teacher' on CBS.

Two 'Windows' songs are in the movie, "Standing Up" (formerly called "Goat Island"), available now on Amazon and through Netflix

Larry's songs, 'Another Pretty Face' and 'Crystal Bay', were used in the movie, Mississippi Gridiron Gold. Football fans can purchase a copy of the DVD on Amazon.

'The Windows' have a song placement in the movie, "Fuzz Track City".

The Windows song, 'Big Enuff' was on Episode 312 (Contemporary Impressionists) of the NBC show 'Community' (now in syndication on Comedy Central!) (about 16:01 into the online episode).

The Windows song, 'Photograph' was on Episode 309 (Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism) of the NBC show 'Community' (now in syndication on Comedy Central!). 'Photograph' is the background music in the dinner scene.

The Windows song, 'Motorcar' is on the Unaired Network Pilot of the season 1 DVD of Fox's TV Show, 'Raising Hope'! Available NOW on Amazon or where DVD's are sold. The Unaired Network Pilot is on the Extras section of disc 1. Check it out!

Press Clippings, Reviews, Etc.(oldest to newest)

Mojo Magazine 2000 - Linda Watts Interview with Larry
October 2001 - Clarion Ledger "Music of Note"
April 2003 - Madison County Herald
April 2003 - Weakley County (TN) Press
June 2004 - Planet Weekly - Bands Who Rock, Local Music Roster 2004
Jackson Free Press - Music Blog - Larry Brewer and The Rainmakers
Clarion Ledger Weekend - August 2008 - Lucky Ever After CD Release
Reviews for 'Brand New Revolution' off of Lucky Ever After CD
Review of 'The Windows' CD, 'Runnin' Alone' by STRUTTER'ZINE in Holland (click here) review of Larry's CD 'Lucky Ever After'
Best of Jackson 2006 - The Rainmakers - Best Live Band, Third Place
Best of Jackson 2007 - Best Cover Band, First Place (click the link to read the write up)
Best of Jackson 2008 - Best Cover Band, Second Place (click the link to read the write up)
Find it in Fondren, fall/winter 2010 visitor's guide - "Sounds Like Fondren"
Larry's song 'Brand New Revolution' is a finalist in 12th Annual Great American Song Contest 2010!
Jackson Free Press - Natalie's Notes - November 2011 (click the link to read Natalie's article on Larry)
Find it in Fondren, Fall/Winter Edition 2011/2012 "Sounds Like Fondren"
Jackson Free Press - Natalie's Notes - New Music for 2012
December 2012 - Madison County Herald - article about Larry and Waxing Ardent release
September/October issue of BOOM Jackson Magazine - article on local music with comments by Larry
Listen online to the Mississippi Arts Hour interview with Brewer & Hurd (Larry Brewer and Doug Hurd). This interview aired 10/3/14 on 91.3FM MPB.
December 2017 Jackson Free Press - Illuminating Shine by Micah Smith
New Article: January 2018, Jackson Free Press - Larry's SHINE made the list: 'The Mississippi 40-New Music for the New Year', by Micah Smith
Article: July 2018, Weakly County Press - 'Brewer Returns To Martin for Festival'

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