Bands Who Rock: The 2004 Local Music Roster, Part II

Editor's note: This is a continuation of "Bands Who Rock: The 2004 Local Music Roster, Part I" on this website.


Larry Brewer
Solo artist, vocals and guitar. From: Madison. Influences: The Beatles, The Cars, Cheap Trick. CDs Released: Two solo recordings, Traveling at the Speed of Life and World Going Crazy. Also, The Windows, Runnin' Alone album. Website/Email Address:,
Singer/songwriter Larry Brewer has a history that most performers would envy. He is a successful and respected solo artist, and is frontman for the band, The RainMakers. Founder of west Tennessee's most successful rock band, The Windows, he has performed in thirty states, and has shared bills with the Beach Boys, Peter Frampton, Jefferson Starship, and Badfinger to name a few. He has recorded several albums, beginning with Runnin' Alone in 1987, recorded at Ardent Studios with renowned engineer John Hampton. In 1983, his original composition "Hello, Hello" was named Pop Song Of The Year in the Jackson Music Awards.

Brian Fuente
Solo artist. From: Fondren area. Influences: John Martyn, Willie Porter, Duncan Sheik, Lisa Palmer. CDs released: Sky Down Here. Upcoming gigs: June 4 @ Hal & Mal’s. Website/email:,
In a few short years Brian has performed nonstop and gained a dedicated following in the southeast. He has performed with bands such as Blues Traveler ,Charlie Mars, and Ingram Hill. With the experience he now has he says he is ready to move forward and prove himself to national audiences. He released his first record Sky Down Here in January 2004. While Sky Down Here is receiving good radio play and glowing reviews, Brian doesn’t plan to rest on his laurels. Clinton Kirby, program manager of WUSM college radio said, “ He has the sound to go places. He has the look to go places. It’s like John Mayer meets Jeff Buckley. This guys good!” Brian will be moving in July to further his career in music. "There is a lot of work ahead. I want to play and sell CD's to anyone and everyone all over," Fuente says. "This is just the beginning."

The RainMakers
Members: Larry Brewer (guitar), David Cummings (drums), Eddie Ingram (bass). From: Madison/Ridgeland and Clinton. Influences: The Beatles, The Cars, Cheap Trick. Website/Email Address:,
Larry Brewer formed The RainMakers and the band debuted in April 2002. The band plays a crowd-pleasing mixture of oldies, classic rock, 80's dance music, ballads, and today's modern rock.

The Reverand Cleofus Eugiene
Members: Coday Anthony (Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Vocals), Stephen Scott (Lead Rhythm and Slide Guitar, Mandolin, Harmonica, Vocals).From: Byram and Richland.
Influences: Dave Matthews, Coldplay, Warren Zevon, Son House, Mark Knopfler. CDs released: A Step in the Wrong Direction release coming soon. Gigs: House band at the Mad Hatter. Website:
The Honorable Rev. Stephen Wade Scott and The Venerable Rev. L. B. Thomas Coday Anthony joined forces to fight against crappy acoustic duos everywhere early last September. The world of acoustic duo-ism has not been the same since. Meeting as guitar performance majors at USM the two would go on to change the way the public looks at acoustic duos all together.

The Rockwells
Members: Dent May - vocals, guitar, Ben Buckner - guitar, keys, Patrick Addison - bass guitar, Jack Bell – drums. From: Jackson. Influences: The Cars, Elvis Costello, Electric Light Orchestra. Any CDs/records released? Self-titled 5 song EP. Upcoming gigs: will play a "Got Milk Battle of the Bands" at Northpark Mall on June 4. Will tour Southeast in July. Website/email address: or,
Hardly out of junior high, The Rockwells (minus keyboardist Ben Buckner) first started turning heads around town when they began gigging as the pop-punk trio, Your Name Here. Despite logging studio time with Grammy-award winning producer Randy Everett, their youthful romps through covers like TLC’s “No Scrubs” and the campfire standard “Kumbaya” – which sounded like Green Day on Ritalin – are a thing of the past. The four high school classmates have shed the punk rifts, but kept the pop melodies, simply refining them for a more mature sound. Before film school, soccer scholarships and undergraduate degrees led the band members to four different locales (Millsaps, Ole Miss, Richmond and NYU), they took five days to record their five-song debut EP as The Rockwells with native Jacksonian and accomplished singer-songwriter Neilson Hubbard at his home studio in Nashville. Released independently, The Rockwells EP is a crisp, straightforward pop/rock record with beguiling hooks and infectious melodies that flow from Patrick Addison’s deft bass work. Dent May’s vocals sound something like Morrissey belting an Elvis Costello tune and are perfectly complemented by Hubbard’s production chops and gorgeous background vocals. Anchored by drummer Jack Bell’s solid rhythm, the bittersweet third track, “Honestly Me” harkens back to a time when the teenage lament love song was something more than the whiny vocals, teary eyes and Kleenex boxes the emo generation has offered. The group’s most promising sound surfaces on “When We Were Young,” which hints at surf rock, ends in a multi-part harmony that’s probably a leftover page in Brian Wilson’s notebook, all the while maintaining the charm of modern day pop giants like Fountains of Wayne. In fact, The Rockwells were crooning about attractive mothers way before Fountains of Wayne had 40 year olds in bikinis on MTV. Though limited in their playing right now, the band hopes to re-convene this summer for regular touring and possibly more studio time.


Atomic Brains
Members: Jason Eunuch (guitar, vocals), Lindley McKellar (guitar, vocals), Daniel Welch (bass, vocals), Woody Conwill (drums). From: Jackson. Influences: Ramones, Sonics, Rolling Stones, Kinks, Stooges. CDs released: 6-song self-titled demo. Upcoming gigs: June 18 @ The Mad Hatter. Website/email:,

The Dolts
Members: Carey Eunuch (vocals, guitar), Chet Hix (bass), Clark Worley (guitar), Josh Little (drums). From: Jackson and Pearl. Sounds like: A Southern version of The Dead Boys. Email:

The Overnight Lows
Members: Marsh Nabors (vocals, guitar), Daphne Nabors (vocals, guitar), Jamie Pittman (drums). From: The heart of Belhaven Heights. Sounds like: Driving drunk with the headlights off. Email:

Tuff Luvs
Members: Mike Rushing (vocals, guitar), Daniel Welch (bass, backing vocals), Brad Walker (drums). From: Belhaven area. Influences: Ramones, Screeching Weasel, Vindictives, Oblivians, Dead Boys. Email:
The Tuff Luvs are a group a guys just trying to have some fun with this boring life. We believe in Jackson and we are trying to make it a better place to hang. We think the south is where it’s at and we hope to put Jackson on the map. Yet we still are in our early stages, we have a quest for rock n roll furtherness to better equip your asses with some true rock n roll grit that this city needs like it needs a new city council. We are just trying to say, "Get Off Me!," that’s all.

The Big Brothers
Members: David Womack (keyboards, guitars, vocals), Victor Hawkins (guitars, percussion, vocals). From: Belhaven and Fondren Sounds like: Bobby Womack's "It's All Over Now" a la Appalachian bluegrass/Stones' "Mother's Little Helper" a la George Jones/Little Feat's "Dixie Chicken" as New Orleans Second Line. Get the idea? Upcoming gigs: @ Fenian's Pub first Wednesday of every month thru Dec. 4. Email:
David Womack & Victor Hawkins have been partners in various musical crimes for years. For a while, they each left Jackson – Womack spent 12 years in Nashville as a songwriter, Hawkins logged 12 years as a TV writer in L.A. Now, they’re back in The Bold New City playing again, this time as The Big Brothers. With a slightly skewed vision of both the world and its music, The Big Brothers have set out to reinterpret the idea of two guys strumming guitars in a pub. From Ricky Nelson to Mr. Dylan, from the Stones to Ann Peebles, you never know what The Big Brothers will play or just how they;ll play it. Bobby Womack’s “It’s All Over Now” as Appalachian bluegrass. The Stones’ “Mother’s Little Helper” as if sung by George Jones. Little Feat’s “Dixie Chicken” with a New Orleans Second Line groove. Remember The Bee Gees before disco? The Big Brothers do, and they’ve uncovered a couple of true gems. Plus, there’s David Womack’s catalog of original tunes, including songs recorded by artists as diverse as John Conlee, Loretta Lynn, Don Henry, and Lou Reed. When the music counts, call on The Big Brothers. Because size does matter!

Broken and Detached
Members: Garret Hebert (rhythm and lead guitars, backup vocals), Jacob Edwards (drums), Casey Lloyd (bass), Harrison Bailey (vocals). From: Flowood. Influences: 3 Doors Down, all rock. Upcoming gigs: August 7 @ Thalia Mara Hall.
8. Garret Hebert - 601-720-3182. Jacob Edwards - 601-954-4802. Email:
Hi, I'm Garret. I play on a six-string Ibanez RG320, with a tremelo. All my friends call me Abear, that is how you pronounce my last name. I was born in Flowood, MS and raised in Madison, MS. I met Jacob in Madison when he was in my neighborhood one night and I met Casey later on at Jacob's house in Flowood. Jacob and Casey had already known each other for a while. One day, we just asked Casey to be in the band and he said yes. Before I moved to Madison, I lived in Jackson, MS for maybe 3 or 4 years, then I moved to Madison. I have lived there for almost 10 years now. I attend Madison Central High School. Jacob and I started the band early September, 2003.
Hi, I'm Jacob. I play the drums in our band, but I have not been playing for that long. Before I met Garret, I had a Mapex drum set, but I sold it thinking I would never play again. We were playing on a Mark II set, but finally (after many garage sales), we have a Pearl Export series. In The long run this will help better ourselves. Our band is doing well and I hope we will succeed in the music field. Garret and I started the band early September, 2003.
Hi, I'm Casey. I play on a four-string Ibanez bass guitar. I met Jacob in my 6th grade class, and we became friends instantly. A few years later, Jacob moved to Flowood, and about two years after that, I met Abear at Jacob's house. After hanging out with everybody for a while, they asked me to be in the band, and so I did. Garret taught me how to play the bass guitar and I caught on quickly. It took me a while, but, I got the hang of it. I have faith in our band because I think we have a lot of potental. I joined Broken & Detached late September of 2003.
Hi, I'm Harrison. I was at a party one night some friends threw when ABear showed up with a guitar and started playing, then I started singing too some of the songs. I guess they liked the sound of my voice, so I joined up. I'm not the best singer, but I'm trying. My favorite band is 3 Doors Down and I can only hope we will be as good as them. Ever since I have joined the band, we have been practicing more on vocals and newer cover songs mainly by 3 Doors Down, Shinedown, Seether, and our originals. I have had a great time. I joined Broken & Detached on March 15, 2004.

Members: Brad Clark-guitar, vocals, Chris Clark-bass, vocals, Elliott Crawford-drums and percussion, Steve Deaton-guitar, mandolin, vocals, Clinton Kirby-guitar, steel guitar, vocals From: Hattiesburg, Jackson and Mobile, Ala. Influences: Willie Nelson, Neil Young, Wilco, Buck Owens, R.E.M., Junior. Brown, Kurt Vonnegut. CDs released:Up On Blocks (Plowhandle Records, 2002)Upcoming gigs: will open for Loretta Lynn in Jackson on June 26th. Website/email address:,
Buffalo Nickel have been writing and performing together since 1999. They have taken their brand of honk-n-roll music from Austin, Texas, to New York City. Their debut release on Plowhandle Records, Up On Blacks, showcases their wit and their range of musical influences. They are currently wrapping up recording for the follow-up to "Up On Blocks", to be released late summer/early fall 2004. In 2002, "Up On Blocks" peaked at #66 on the radio airplay chart of the Americana Music Association. Most recently, in April 2004, the band won first place in the"Battle Of The Country Bands" sponsored by radio station B-95 in Hattiesburg.

Members: Eric Carlton (keyboard, organ), Patrick McClary (lead guitar, lead vocals), John Phillips (bass), Tyler Rayburn (drums), Reid Stone (rhythm guitar / vocals). From: Oxford, but with roots in Belhaven. Influences: Allman Brothers, Rolling Stones, Little Feat, Gov't Mule. Website/e-mail:,
DayBreakDown was formed in Oxford, Mississippi in the summer of 2003. Recognizing the opportunity to become the first prominent Southern rock band to ever come out of the state, five musicians from five different musical backgrounds left behind several various projects and commitments and hit the highway hard. Keyboardist Eric Carlton, lead guitar and vocalist Patrick McClary, drummer Tyler Rayburn and rhythm guitar and vocalist Reid Stone, former members of the once-popular Oxford-based rock band, the Boko Maru Madness, joined forces with former Josh Kelley bassist, John Phillips, to create a lineup of musical talent unseen in North Mississippi in years. Their critics have gone so far as to label the band “the hardest working band from Mississippi.” Each member of the band boasts an entirely different range of influences than their counterparts. Carlton‚s keyboard and organ play shows a tremendous amount of control and class with a sound reminiscent of Chuck Leavell-era Stones and Allman Brothers while Stone’s lyrics and vocals can swing from Wilco-like ballads to G’N’R style rock. The rhythm section, featuring Rayburn‚s hard-hitting, heavy metal-like approach to the drums and the young Phillips‚ jam-style bass lines, rounds out a perfect supporting cast for band leader McClary‚s unparalleled lead guitar work and soulful songwriting that has drawn comparisons to such greats as Warren Haynes, Eric Clapton, and Duane Allman.

Members: Chad (Vocals, Guitar), Todd (Bass), Woody (Drums). From: Jackson. Influences: Ramones, ZZ Top, White Stripes Website/email:,
It all started one mysterious Friday night. Chad and Woody experienced the massive epiphany that made them realize they were born to rock. They knew they wanted to play some stripped down, good time, rock n' roll. FAST CARS AND SEX was then born. Shortly after, they picked up Todd. Chad's creative songwriting and guitar work molds together with the solid foundation of Todd's 5 string bass skills and Woody's incomparable drumming for a fiery combination. Lyrics are fueled by the desire and drive of which sparks any soul a blaze. Strong points include solid rhythm slathered with a thick coat of attitude. FAST CARS AND SEX likes to make music that is fun and just rocks.

Full Tilt
Members: John F. Hawkins (guitar, vocals), Frederick E. Hawkins (bass, vocals), David J. Womack (keys, vocals), D. Victor Hawkins (percussion, vocals). From: Jackson. Sounds like: Funk and blues meet The Grateful Dead in Congo Square in New Orleans. Email:
Muddy Waters once said the blues had a baby, and they called it rock-n-roll. The members of Full Tilt are fast friends with both parent and child. From funk-infused originals by guitarist/singer John Hawkins and keyboardist/singer David Womack to inspired new takes on tunes from artists as diverse as Traffic, Taj Mahal, ZZ Top, and Muddy Waters himself, Full Tilt finds a groove, then rides it for all it‚s worth. Hawkins and Womack are joined by bassist/singer Fred Hawkins and percussionist/singer Victor Hawkins. Drumming is provided by a rotating cast of musicians, although no drummer has yet spontaneously combusted on stage during a performance. One thing you rarely hear at a Full Tilt show is someone yelling, “Play something we can dance to!” Mainly because folks are too busy getting busy on the floor. Full Tilt is available as a four-piece unit for smaller venues and parties as well as the fire-breathing five-piece incarnation for maximum funkengruven.

Fuse X
Members: Bryan Anderson (vocals, guitar), Cory Wynn (vocals, bass), Daniel Cox (guitar), Marty Wade (drums). Influences: Bush, Finger Eleven, Stained, Godsmack. Website/email:,
Fuse X consists of four members; Bryan Anderson- vocals, guitar, Cory Wynn- bass, vocals, Daniel Cox- guitar, and Marty Wade- drums. The band has been together since the summer of 1997. FUSE X has been performing in clubs on a regular basis since July of 1999, and is currently expanding throughout the Southeast. Over the years the band has completed many demo cds. In February of 2001 they recorded their first cd for production, which was released May 11th, 2001. FUSE X will again be hitting the studios this spring for a summer release of their new cd. The band is dedicated to its music, which is a mix of heavy rhythms and insightful lyrics culminating in a truly unique sound. FUSE X is in the business of promoting themselves and the music they are proud of. At the same time the band realizes that in most clubs it is necessary to be versatile and to play covers in order to get exposure. For further information please explore The Official FUSE X website.

Members: Keith Salisbury (Vocals), Eddie Hawkins (guitar, backing vocals), Mark Beasley (bass, backing vocals), Bill Bearden (drums, backing vocals). From: Jackson. Influences: Kings X, Deep Purple, Yngwie Malmsteen, God Smack, Alice in Chains. Website:
Machete was formed out of mutual admiration between its four members. Good music, good musicianship and a great show are what Machete is all about. Throughout their history, Machete has consistently evolved, developing a lockdown groove that pulses with soul and the unmistakable flavor of four unique individuals that have grown to breathe as one. Their music, being edgy, is how they chose the name Machete. You know, Cutting Edge Rock! With its seasoned musicians, Machete is very well rounded with their choice of material. When asked what type of band they are, they will tell you, we are in your face rock 'n' roll.

Misha Hercules
Solo Artist. From: Crystal Springs. Influences: The Doors, Smashing Pumpkins, Rachmaninoff, The Beatles, Beethoven, Radiohead, The Police, Cream, U2. Email:
Born 17 years ago in Canada to Venezuelan and Slavic anarchists, Misha Hercules had no choice but to be passionate, eclectic, and unconventional. Genetically endowed with perfect pitch and a sense of beauty, immersed in music since infancy, Misha has used his classical violin and piano background and his love of the guitar and rock to express the music that lives within him. Now somewhat settled in Mississippi after having played with a number of bands during several nomadic years, he has decided to front his own alternative rock group playing his original music. Accompanying him, The Sonic Rain, consisting of Daniel Glass and Joshua Stanford, draw from their own rich tapestry of classical, jazz, funk, r&b, and rock influences. Misha Hercules’ songs are an oasis of emotion, drama, and musicality in the desert of today’s musical wasteland. Featuring strong vocals, powerful guitars, crafted arrangements, and a mature yet youthful energy, his music enables listeners of all age groups to rediscover the why and wherefore of rock. Ranging from an aggressive in-your-face style to romantic ballads, Misha‚s songs display his versatility and, once heard, find a place for themselves inside your head. Misha Hercules is an independent artist whose first CD will be released this summer and will soon be appearing in clubs near you. Misha Hercules - a name to remember.

Members: Russ Clark- Guitar/Vocals, Kevin Holdiness- Bass/Vocals/Keyboards, Nick Vallas- Drums. From: Reservoir area. Influences: Smashing Pumpkins, Prince, Chumbawamba, The Cure, Korn. Upcoming gigs: July 23 @ Gravity. Website/email address:,
In July of 1999, cousins Russ Clark and Kevin Holdiness decided to form a rock band. Neither had previous musical experience. Clark then added long time friend Nick Vallas to play drums. Many members have come and gone, including lead singers, guitar and keyboard players, but only the original three have remained together. Clark and Vallas have since traveled to the University of Southern Mississippi where they have taken music classes, participated in choirs, and played in various ensembles. Holdiness will join them as a freshman at USM this fall. The music that Honeysuckle produces is melodic and often heavily distorted, creating a jazz-rock hybrid.

Hunter & the Gators
Members: 6 members: keyboards, 3 guitars, bass, drums. From: Jackson. Influences: A wide variety. CDs released: 3 solo CD's from the band's leader, Hunter Gibson, The Unopened Door (1989), Fountain of Youth (1993), and The Home Sessions (1998). Website:
Hunter & the Gators formed in 1991. Led by keyboardist/lead vocalist Hunter Gibson, a professional musician since 1982, this group from Jackson plays a wide variety of music ranging from the fifties to the present. Hunter has opened for Greg Allman, Starship, Better Than Ezra, Irma Thomas, and the Radiators, and he has performed with such artists as Percy Sledge, Tom Kiefer (from Cinderella), and Fingers Taylor and Mike Utley (from Jimmy Buffett’s band). The Gators can perform either as a trio or a 6-piece band, with instrumentation including keyboard, guitar, bass, and drums. Their show is made up of Rock, Pop, Alternative, Country, Blues, and several original songs. The band’s strongest appeal is in its vocal presentation. All members of the band sing lead as well as back-up vocals. In 1999, Hunter & the Gators were nominated for a Jackson Music Award for Best Pop/Rock Group. The Gators specialize in dance music and promise a very lively show, getting members of the audience involved and keeping them on their feet.

Patrick Smith Band
Members: Patrick Smith - piano, guitar, vocals, Rodney Moore - guitar, vocals, Andrew Hanmer - drums, Dale Morris - bass, Maurice Turner – trumpet. From: Vicksburg and Jackson. Sounds like: Allman Brothers meets P-Funk. CDs released: First full length CD now available. Website/email:, personal email is
At the ripe old age of 14, Patrick Smith played his first paying gig at an American Legion Hut in Utica, Miss. Playing a style that is best described as some sort of cross between Jerry Lee Lewis and Jimmy Smith, Smith was always playing a gig somewhere. Being able to play by ear alone set many limits on the type of gig he could play; however, it also opened may doors. Playing in at least four or five bands throughout high school, some of them at the same time he was able to maintain a healthy appetite for music and make some spending money on the side. By the time he got to college he had played more gigs than he could remember but was still denied access to the college music programs because he could not read sheet music. Playing music in bars became part of life for Patrick who always kept the dreaded “day job.” After college he returned home to help with the family business and started what is now The Patrick Smith Band. After several more years in the family business he decided to take his act on the road fulltime. Patrick has been from Los Angeles to New York and everywhere in between many times.
He has also traveled to Europe and Canada with his music. Now, after years of touring he has finished his first full-length album. It features guest appearances by friends he has played with over the years including, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, The North Mississippi All-Stars, Jimbo Mathus, Randall Bramlett and John Keane.

Pun Intended
Members: Dunlap Peeples (vocals), Nathan Logan (lead guitar), Mark Lewis (bass), Daron Peeples (vocals, guitar), Daniel Nolen (Drums). From: Terry, Jackson, and Florence. Influences: Alice in Chains, Deftones, Silverchair, The Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, Tool, Weezer. E-mail:
Pun Intended formed roughly nine months ago. None of the five members in the band are over the age of 20, but their musicianship far surpasses their age. Although one could recognize the influence of bands such as Alice in Chains or Stone Temple Pilots in their music, they have a sound that is both original and modern. By mixing intense vocals, impeccable guitar riffs, and a killer rhythm section, Pun Intended is sure to take their musical careers to the next step. The band has been regularly playing around the Jackson/Hattiesbug area for about eight months, and they are finally beginning to recieve the recognition that could take them to the next level.

Scarlet Speedster
Members: Jeremiah Lipking -bass/vocals, Bobby Hansford - drums/vocals, Dusty Goff - guitar/vocals. From: Jackson. Influences: The Cure, The Cult, Stone Temple Pilots, Jane's Addiction. Email:
Scarlet Speedster was formed earlier this year and hopes to make an impact on its fans and the music scene in general. The members have all been in various bands from the Jackson metro area, so the stage is definitely a second home. The music delves into the many facets of daily existence, inviting the listeners to dig deeper into life as a personal journey. Combined with an energetic, unpredictable, and chaotic stage show which leaves fans guessing what's next, Scarlet Speedster is a band to definitely be watching in the months to come.

Strychnine Wine
Members: Brad Biard (lead vocals, acoustic guitar), Jonathan Scarborough (lead guitar, vocals), Thomas Ralston (keyboards, vocals), Tyler Tadlock (percussion/vocals). From:
Pearl. Influences:Beatles, John Mayer, A Perfect Circle, Incubus, Radiohead.
CDs released: Long Story Short. Website/email:,
Almost seven years ago, two long-time friends, keyboardist Thomas Ralston and drummer Tyler Tadlock, had a vision to build a music group. Combining their shared desire for a creative musical outlet, and their past experience playing in several debunked local bands, the two found guitarist Jonathan Scarborough through a mutual friend. Thereafter, the vision evolved into reality as the three began to compose their own music collaboratively. Without a singer though, they were limited to only entertaining the neighbors from Tyler's garage where they practiced. Meanwhile, Thomas had been building a recording studio. Word got out about this to Brad Biard, who while not writing music and playing solo gigs around town, was also a young teacher and soccer coach at the high school where Thomas and Tyler attended. Thomas and Brad, with the help of Tyler and Jonathan, began tracking what would have been Brad's first solo album at Thomas’s studio in Tyler’s garage. In the process of recording, Thomas, Tyler, and Jonathan realized that Brad’s catchy hooks and poetic lyrics were just what they had been looking for. Brad’s solo project was soon abandoned and the four merged together under a new name, Strychnine Wine.

David Womack
Sol artist, plays keyboards & guitars. From: Belhaven. 4Sounds like: Memphis R&B meets New Orleans jazz with a dollop of Randy Newman. CDs released: The Guru of Kudzu Email:
What do Hernando Desoto, juke joints, and anti-depressants have in common? They’ve all been subjects of musical skewering by songwriter/performer David Womack. Womack, known among friends and fellow musicians as “the world’s greatest rhythm piano player,” is a Jackson native who spent more than a decade honing his craft in Nashville. While living in Music City, USA, he worked as both staff writer and song plugger for Sony/Tree Music. He’s an ASCAP award-winning songwriter and publisher with Top 10 tunes under his belt. Since his return to Jackson, he’s composed two Eudora Welty New Play Series musicals, written various regional commercial jingles, and won a Jackson Music Association Best Jingle award. He released The Guru of Kudzu, a collection of his own songs with their distinctive Southern pop roots. And he’s performed his brand of musical gumbo on stages and patios, in living rooms and barrooms throughout the Jackson area for the past several years. Whether you want background dinner music or foot-stompin’ originals with razor-sharp insights, cumonan‚hafsumfun! When David Womack performs, you’ll know it ain’t no hoodoo. You done been Guru’d!


Members:Larry Armstrong (Tenor), John Macklin (Bass), Brian Johnson (Tenor), Donny Lewis (Baritone), Juan Knott (Tenor). From: Jackson. Influences: The Temptations, The Four Tops, The Manhattans, The Commodores. Website/email:,
Compozitionz, the brainchild of five young men from Jackson, was formed 7 years ago, September 9, 1994, on the campus of Jackson State University. Being Jackson State University's Performing Quartet, the group was afforded the opportunity to travel extensively that year. At that time, Compozitionz made the commitment to extending their talents beyond the confines of Mississippi and share their special brand of music, a subtle blend of rhythm and blues, gospel, jazz and even classical technique. This music has taken this group of young men throughout our nation and throughout the world, performing with and for such great musical icons as Michael Bolton, Grace Bumbry, Cassandra Wilson, Peabo Bryson, Ronald Isley and many others and as far away as Germany and Italy. Since that time, Compozitionz has undergone many incarnations. The most recent is a new and fresh exhibition of one of their favorite groups, The Temptations. The group has always identified with The Temptations, because they share a commitment to the preservation of true rhythm and blues soul and it's classy presentations and choreography. When asked about how they feel about the "new" music, each member smiled and agreed that it was "their responsibility and legacy."
So, sit back and relax and be entertained by Brian, Larry, Juan, John and Donny, collectively forming the dynamic rhythm and blues sensation of Compozitionz.

Groove Bucket
Members: Michael Fedrick (guitar, vocals), Simon Williams (bass, vocals), Danny McGregory (keyboards, vocals), Marty Fedrick (drums, vocals). From: Jackson, Kosciusko and Batesville. Influences: ‘80s funk. CDs released: Groovieous Maximus, on Mind Quake Records. Email:

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