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Home Video, January 2021 - Larry Brewer - When We Were Young
Home Video, July 2020 - Larry Brewer - Those Were the Days
Home Video, June 2020 - Larry Brewer - Second Time Around (from the album, "Shine")
Home Video, April 2020 - Larry Brewer - 25 (Twenty Five)
Home Video, April 2020 - Larry Brewer - Get Away (Driving in My Car)
The Windows - Don't Hang Up
The Windows - The Pain of a Broken Heart
Larry Brewer - On This Day (The Wedding Song)
Larry Brewer - Things I'll Never Do
Larry Brewer - Number 10 Bus
Larry Brewer - Over the Rainbow !
Larry Brewer - Mr. Lennon
Larry Brewer - The Beginning

Larry performing 'Drive' by The Cars at the 2011 Storytellers Ball for the Jackson Arts Council
Larry performing at the 2011 Mississippi Grammy Celebration
Larry Brewer - Maggy's Lament
The Windows - commercial for WPSD-TV Paducah, KY documentary on recording "In The Meantime"
The Windows - Love Ya' Tonight
Larry Brewer - Autumn
Larry Brewer, "Brand New Revolution"
Larry Brewer, "The Cancer Song"
The Windows - Photograph
The Windows - MOTORCAR
The Windows - Runnin' Alone
The Windows - Hang on Forever
The Windows - Oh Yeah
The Windows - Big Enuff
The Windows - In The Meantime
The Windows - Searching
The Windows - Oh, Rene
The Windows - Oh Girl
Larry unplugged singing "Hello, Hello"
The Windows - Never Let You Go
Raisin Kane - Neon Lights
Goodbye to the Gulf..(A Love Story)