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The golden Heru'wer graphics used here are courtesy

the website of the Kemetic Faith.  They are used with permission.  While I am not of the Kemetic faith, I have great respect for all who are sincere in their beliefs.

Thanks for the beautiful images of my Internet namesake, and Ankh Udja Seneb, folks

The events of 11 September 2001 will always be with us. Remember those fallen both that day and in the years after, for they are paying the price for our Freedom in this generation. Live your daily lives in love and peace as a memorial to their sacrifices.

Hello, and welcome to my humble homepage! I am David Reese, an Electronics and Instrument Technician and a CompTIA Certified A+ Professional.  If you're in need of the skills and experience I can bring to your organization, see the link "Hire Horus" at left, please, to view my resume'. Thank you.

Off-duty, I'm into Science Fiction, Tekumel, Linux, Egyptology, Music and a host of other more or less interesting things. Poke around here a bit and tell me what you think. I may be reached at horus@netdoor.com

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