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Updated Tuesday, 02 December 2003
A lot of people say, "Say what?!?" when I tell them I play disk golf.   Usually, I reply with, "Oh, you know, Frisbee golf".  They knowingly reply, "Oh", and go about their lives without a clue, having never once sailed a disk for themselves.

Disk golf is a sport that combines the skills and demanding precision of golf with the fun of sailing a Frisbee disk.  Unlike "real" golf, it is an inexpensive pursuit. (The disks are usually between $7.00 and $10.00 each.  I started out with one, and have gradually collected eight.  Green fees at my favorite course come to only $2.00 for as many holes as you care to shoot that day.)  Like real golf, it still costs a stroke when you get in the water or go out of bounds (so you might want to make your first disk a floater!)

Just a few quick things about the sport:


These are available in a variety of configurations, including sharp-edged drivers for long range shots, medium range drivers with more moderate edges, hysers designed for throwing curves and other trick shots, anhysers designed to fly straight (at least if thrown correctly...) approach disks for those short chip shots, and putters for use on the green when going to the cup.  Oh, and lest we forget, certain disks are made to glow in the dark, and float in water for those water hazards that will inevitably get you.


Golf ettiquette applies in disk golf just like it does in "real" golf!  If someone is on the course ahead of you, it is expected that you will wait until they clear the green before you tee off, or until they invite you to play through.  A more complete list of Disk Golf Ettiquette Do's & Dont's can be found at the PDGA Home Page, and it would speak well for anyone wanting to play to learn them.

Other Items You Might Want to Bring:

No golfer should leave the clubhouse without a crying towel!  Handy for cleaning the dirt off your disks, drying your feet after retreiving a floater or just wiping sweat from your eyes before you make that big game-winning shot on eighteen!

A bag to tote all your disks is also a useful item. I use an old day-pack I had from my college days, but there are a variety of specially designed disk golf bags for those who must be sartorially perfect on the course.

Put a bottle of water in the bag, too.  In summer, especially, this is nothing short of a life-saver.  If you drink anything else, well, you'll figure it out.

I could tell you more about this enjoyable sport, but others have said it better than I could have.  Check out the links below, and maybe I'll see you out on the links at Desert Fox (the local course here at Paul B. Johnson State Park).

Disk Golf Links 

PDGA Home Page (Official Rules & U.S. Course Directory)
Paul B. Johnson State Park  (Home of Desert Fox Disk Golf Course)
Desert Fox Disk Golf Course
 (The Hattiesburg Area's Most Popular
Disk Golf Course)
Beautiful Day
(A great local shop which sells disks)

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