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Updated Saturday, 10 August 2003
I play bass guitar and goof around on the six-string from time to time.  My tastes in music range from classical through bluegrass, jazz, blues, rock... damn near everything (except maybe disco or rap).  All told, I've been playing bass for about 32 years now, on and off.  One of the few things I really regret about working offshore is that I haven't yet found a way to stay in practice like I ought to...  maybe that's about to change.

I'm in a band called Malice.  We've been together for about two years now, and have a couple of CDs available of our original stuff.  written mostly by Paul Clark (our lead player and singer), mostly rock/jazz fusion stuff with a really fresh sound (if I say so myself!).  We have these CDs available at our engagements for a modest price.

The members of Malice are:

Shane Wallace - Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar
Troy Ross - Lead Vocals

Paul Clark - Lead & Rhythm Guitar, vocals, Publicist

Billy Ashley - Lead & Rhythm Guitar

Jimmy "more monitor" Farrar - Percussion & vocals

David Reese - Bass Guitar, Computer & Instrument Tech Support
Ron Ullman - Sound, Tech Support, and Everything Else

That's about all I can say about Malice for now without violating my personal web space use agreements, Persons interested in further information should contact Paul Clark.

Presently my favorite instrument is an Ibanez Ergodyne 5-string fretless bass. playing through my Gallien-Krueger Backline 250 amp.  I love the sound a fretless gets, and this one is especially fat and growly.  The G-K is solid, and has really sweet sound without weighing a ton.

I also have a Hohner four-string P-Bass copy. I bought it several years ago in a pawn shop for  $150 and have used it as my "test bed" for more adventurous experiments.  It currently has a home-made brass nut, and no frets (I've been playing it fretless for about nine years now...)  As soon as I can get good pics of all my stuff, I'll post them to the page here...  I used to have a Rickenbacker 4001, and I want another one, but fretless and with a fifth string.  It'll have to be a custom, though, as Ric doesn't make a five-string fretless yet.

My other instrument is a fretted four-string Peavey Foundation, which I no longer play, but Shane uses it to devestating effect when I'm offshore.  He plays through the same amp I use for larger venues, my buddy Paul's Hartke 3500/810 rig - now that really cooks, but man is it heavy (it must weigh near 400 lbs, man)!

Anybody who wants to jam should drop me a line: horus@netdoor.com

Probably the best link I can think of for musicians is the Online Guitar Archive (OLGA)
Try to help support their legal fight to keep lyrics and tabs freely available on the internet!

Bassists might also want to check out the newsgroup alt.guitar.bass

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