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From Origami (an After Dark module) by courtesy of Atsushi Shibata.
GIF animation using GifBuilder for Netscape Navigator 2.0 by Eiji Takano.

Comments by Barbara Wells

The art of folding paper is unique to Japan. In America we made paper doll chain cutouts and silhouettes in elementary school; children in Japan make intricate tiny animals and figures from folding 2-3" squares of paper. The origami crane has become representative of peace particularly in Hiroshima where the shrine to those killed in the A-bomb explosion is literally covered with thousands of tiny cranes strung together. Avant-garde restaurants use origami figures as rests for chopsticks. Origami patterns are used as fabric design for kimono. It has been a living artform in Japan since the Meiji period (1860-1912). Shibata-san's screen saver is a bit like poetry in motion, bringing life to a tiny bird of peace.

  • Title: Origami
  • Category: Freeware
  • Author: Atsushi Shibata 1994
  • Development: Think C
  • Requirements: Macintosh 68020 or greater, After Dark 2.0 or greater and its compatible screen savers, 16 colors minimum
  • Compression type: .sit (by StuffIt Deluxe 4.0)
  • Size: 59 KB
  • Descriptions: You can see this beautiful screen saver on your monitor every day. Choose your favorite paper colors from five choices red, blue, green, yellow or brown. Enjoy the flavor of Japan!

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