Best Of Enya

The disc starts with the cover from Paint The Sky With Stars followed by the track index, carries a 1997 copyright statement, and runs for 34:08. It is probably a test for the issue announced by Reprise for February 1998 and then postponed.

The Celts features a pastel animation rather the live action footage used in the promo video for the 1992 single. There are two audio tracks on the disc one of which may contain a multi-channel mix (some Enya tracks are known to have been remixed for a DVD-Audio demonstration disc).

1. Orinoco Flow
2. Evening Falls...
3. Exile
4. Storms In Africa (Part II)
5. Caribbean Blue
6. The Celts
7. Anywhere Is
8. On My Way Home
9. Only If...


USA 1997   a


  1. NTSC. Marked Test Sample and Warner Advanced Media Operations and with Enya hand written on the label. The hub bears the manufacturing number KX ENYA.1.A WAMO VA02.