The 321 "finished" for now, setting in the music room. Powered by an Asus motherboard, Intel processor and 16 gb ram. The software is Hauptwerk 4.0 and the Paramount 3/32 Theatre organ samples.
The output is a pair of 1010LT sound cards providing 20 channels of audio. Currently 16 channels are fed to 8 pair of Event 20/20BAS powered speakers, 2 channels to the Pyle 505 sub woofers and the last 2 channels deiving another pair of DIY sub woofers. each consisting of a 15 inch sub in a 3 cu ft sealed box with a 250 watt plate amp.
Foolish Me! Thought I was done....... July 1, 2013 the Rodgers 340 was moved to the shop for the same treatment.
It never ends..........................