With input from a good friend the mess of SAMs and tabs were organized into the selection in picture 19 for installation.
We were able to install 84 tabs on the bolsters and another 42 on the backrail for a total of 126 tabs shown in picture 20.
Picture 21 shows the inside of the console with the Artisan  Micro-Midi boards mounted. The power supply shown in picture 22 started as a Rodgers Type IV. It was stripped and the rectifier, power transformer, chassis and filters retained for the SAMs power I added a piece of aluminum where the printed circuit board had been and upon that built the +5 volt logic supply and the 16 volt AC supply for the console lights.
Picture 23 shows the console with the various tags installed as well as the division separators. We decided to use 3/16 inch wide white bars to show the division between the sections of the tabs rather than waste a tab position with a 7/8 inch wide block of wood.
A "Trash Drawer" was cut out and wired with 10 push button switches (the same kind as the thumb pistons), this was installed under the right side of the key desk.