How the shields were made.

On this page I will be discussing how the shields were made. Basically the shield are made the same as any other SCA Combat shields, with a few exceptions.



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The construction is simple. Cut out a standard heater with a notch in the corner, as in the diagram. Add a handgrip to the shield. Finished. This shield, as you may have noticed, has no arm strap. This allows the rider to toss the shield aside if he is falling, instead of landing on it. The notch allows the rider to rest and aim the lance. Some of the fighters who used the original equipment said they liked the notched shield better. The final difference between this shield and standard shield is that there is no edging around it. Edging is used to protect the opponents sword from the sharp edge of the shield and to increase the life of the shield. Since the shield will never be used with a sword, edging is not needed.