1. Watermark
2. Cursum Perficio
3. On Your Shore
4. Storms In Africa
5. Exile
6. Miss Clare Remembers
7. Orinoco Flow
8. Evening Falls...
9. River
10. The Longships
11. Na Laetha Geal M'Óige

Compact Disc

France 1988 WEA WE 851 e
Germany 1988 WEA 243875-2 e
Japan 1988 Warner-Pioneer 25P2-2465 i
UK 1988 WEA 243875-2 ah


Argentina 1989 WEA 80128 d
Brazil 1989 WEA 670.9024
Canada 1988 WEA 24 38751 g
Japan 1998 WEA WPJR-2005 i
UK 1988 WEA WX199A/B f
USA 1989 Geffen GHS 24233 c
Venezuela 1989 Sonografica 90004-L


USA 1988 Geffen GHS 24233 b


UK 1988 WEA 2292-43875-5 k


1. Orinoco Flow
2. On Your Shore
3. Storms In Africa


Canada 1988 WEA ? j


  1. Limited edition of 1250 copies in a black presentation box containing the CD and five 7"×7" inserts, one of text and four with pictures.

  2. Entitled Enya.

  3. Same number as 1988 promo.

  4. Entitled Marca De Agua.

  5. Same as UK promo box.

  6. In a plain sleeve with a cut-out for record label. Supplied with a press sheet carrying the number shown; the disc is additionally inscribed 243875-1.

  7. Standard issue with gold promo stamp (in English and French) on the back cover, and a red advertisement sticker on the front cover.

  8. In addition to the CD album the promo box contains five prints as shown. The text on the final print reads:

    "EITHNE NI BHRAONAIN, now known simply as ENYA left her home in County Donegal to join the family band, Clannad. After playing with them for two albums and tours, she decided to make the break and go on alone.

    Whilst developing this new direction, ENYA composed, scored and sang on such sound tracks as David Puttnam's The Frog Prince and BBC TV's The Celts as well as working briefly with Sinead O'Connor, before emerging with her first truly solo work, Watermark.

    Sometimes a haunting solo voice, sometimes a choral swathe of one hundred tracks of her own multi-tracked voice. Softening the technology of synthesisers with natural and acoustic sounds is central to ENYA'S work.

    Whether as a composer, arranger, keyboard player or singer, the emergence of ENYA will not go unnoticed."

  9. Standard commercial release with cover sticker.

  10. Promotional sampler for the album.

  11. Standard commercial release with back cover sticker "PROMOTIONAL COPY ONLY NOT FOR RESALE".

UK Box
UK Vinyl (Detail)
UK Box Inserts
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