NA23 for sale

I got this from Bo McIlwain.

I have a 1977 NA 23, that I am doing minor touch up to and I am interested in selling the boat. It is like new inside and only minor scratches on the hull. She is holding up extremely well for her age. I am not a sailor but I own a trawler that we cruise in. The 23 was just hanging in her lift at the Yacht club I manage and I just adopted her. It appears that she is going to buff out  great  and like I said the interior is like new. The Galley has never been used and all the upholstery is perfect just dusty. I have reordered new teak rails and teak lumber for the companionway door. As with all NA 23 the hatch is rough. I bought a used one that I am playing with painting. Can you offer any advise on price and a possible home? I only want a fair price but a good home and sailor for her. I do have a trailer that is a 1977 Dilly Galvanized trailer. I am putting new tires on it today. They are picking up the cushions and cleaning them this week. I am going to forward you some pics and would love for you to post it on your sight. I will take some pics of the interior after the cleaning job. I would take $4200.00 for her in Shreveport. It doesn't have an outboard on her, but might could round one up if I need to!

Thanks for any info, I enjoyed your web page.

Bo McIlwain
Shreveport Yacht Club
318-632-7414 Yacht Club
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