From Ed Lanier:
The first picture shows a few updates I have done: Harken roller furler, new fiberglass front hatch, 40 watt solar panel the second picture shows the Spirit 23 when reefed is a good sailboat in more than just light air (shown here in 20 to 24 kt. wind) standing on her feet.
I sail out of Mystic Ct.  Fishers Island Sound Long Island Sound and Block Island Sound are my regular areas for everyday sailing. Fishers Island sound is the best because it has a SSW 10/15 kt. breeze all summer. Block Island and Long Island Sound can get nasty very quickly and I carefully pick the wind and tides that don't exceed my sailing ability. I converted ODYSSEY to a masthead rig when I added the furler. The jury is still out as to weather it was worth the trouble. I also added a topping lift and a good mainsail reefing system. Because I single hand much of the time I bit the bullet and installed a ST 2000 AUTO Tiller ( good move ) . If anyone is interested to make any of these mods. Would be glad to share with them.
Thanks again please keep in contact I will check the site to see if more 23 owners are found.     Regards,  Ed