They Winter Abroad

Published under the pseudonym "James Aston".

(1932) When love came on the crest of a sirocco wind to the inhabitants of the Hotel Santo Biagio near Sorrento, sanity flew out of the window. The Professor might orate for hours on the divisions and theories of Love, but his audience was far more interested in the laboratory work than in the lectures. Dr. Arnold-Browne forgot his marriage vows and Miss Prune her vows of chastity; Mr. Pupillary cast covetous eyes on an Italian peasant girl, while Mr. McInvert cast his eyes on a less orthodox object. Even Miss Albino, confirmed spinster, found an outlet for her romantic yearnings in coming to the rescue of a belaboured mule.

An immediate success in London, this novel is the malicious and riotously funny account of a group of English tourists in Italy. If the Norman Douglas of South Wind or the Aldous Huxley of Crome Yellow had chanced to visit the Hotel Santo Biagio and met its assorted group of pensionnaires (divided by strict codes into the two warring factions of the Drawing Room and the Smoking Room), he might have written just such a novel as They Winter Abroad.

(copied from the dust wrapper)

White, T.H. They Winter Abroad. Viking : New York, 1932. The scan copy is a first American edition. Teal cloth lettered in gilt.

Special thanks to Matthew Handscombe - Bookseller


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