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  1. The T. H. White Glossary A Glossary of Names, Allusions, and Technical Terms in The Once and Future King and The Book of Merlyn. (Prepared by Michael Anderson and John William Sutton)

  2. The Book of Beasts is available on-line from The University of Wisconsin.

  3. Today in Literature: T. H. White -- Life stories, books, and links. Has a rare photograph of T. H. White as a young man.

  4. The T. H. White Yahoo e-group -- I recommend this discussion group for fans of everything T. H. White. This discussion group has the potential to help enlighten anyone interested in White's books.

  5. Thompson's Interviews with Authors of Modern Arthurian Literature

Other links

Lord Bonkers' Diary -- Lord Bonkers was Liberal MP for Rutland South-West between 1906 and 1910. Since 1990, his diaries have appeared in Liberator magazine, giving a unique perspective on the Liberal Democrats and British politics in general. Lord Bonkers' Diary is dictated to Jonathan Calder.

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