1. Marcus Schaefer, for his many contributions to this page. Without his help, many of the current synopses would not be available.
  2. Brett J. Millán, for the synopses of the individual books in The Once and Future King and The Book of Merlyn. Copied from
  3. Martin Kellman, for writing the book: T. H. White and the Matter of Britain: A Literary Overview. E-mail him at
  4. Kurth Sprague, ( for the wonderful compilations of T. H. White's previously unpublished short stories and poems. The literary world owes you a great debt.
  5. Ruth Barker, ( for contributing to the time references and thesis information on The Sword in the Stone.
  6. Bruce Miller, ( for taking the trouble of discovering what "corkindrill" means (see FAQ).
  7. Nathan Latil, ( for the great essay on The Once and Future King
  8. Richard W. Oram, for mailing me a copy of the University of Texas at Austin's list of T. H. White manuscripts held in their collection, and for permission to publish it on the Web.
  9. Carroll Bishop, for her remembrances of The Goshawk.
  10. Marie Macdonald, for the great synopsis on The Sword in the Stone, which she wrote as an assignment for school.
  11. Bobby Davidson, for help in revising the description of The Sword in the Stone.
  12. Vicki L. Dewald, for corrections to the description of The Sword in the Stone.
  13. Tia Nevitt, for permission to quote her review of The Once and Future King.
  14. Kevin Orlin Johnson, Ph.D.,, for the Latin meaning of "Excalibur" in the FAQ.
  15. Matthew Handscombe, bookseller, ( for dustwrapper scans and blurbs of They Winter Abroad and First Lesson.

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