A Joy Proposed

Poems by T. H. White

(1980)(USA 1983) A Joy Proposed contains fifty-seven poems by T. H. White. Thirty were written while White was in Ireland during the years 1939-1945, no less than twenty-six during the autumn of 1939. But the book reflects the voices of every period of White's life. Many of these poems were originally written in his journals, where so much of his finest poetry first appeared. Traditional in their shape and feeling, these poems reflect the sincerity of heart which White prized above all else in writing. As Kurth Sprague concludes in his introduction, "Readers of this book will learn to their delight, there is indeed a banquet in these pages, with every kind of course for every palate."

copied from dust jacket

Sample some of White's poetry below.

From Loved Helen


Old Hills and Patient Bones:

Looking at the Skull of St. Andrew


To My Self, Forty Years Ago

England Have My Bones: For the Reader of the Works of T. H. White
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