In addition to her popular children’s books and pins, Laurie has sold handmade ornaments like these shown above in her booth at fall holiday markets...

Laurie’s booth at Celebration Village at the Tupelo Furniture Market. She handmade ALL of the merchandise in the booth herself! (Except the books that she wrote and illustrated, of course). Celebration Village supports the Sanctuary Hospice House and Laurie has participated since 2003. She will be there in 2016 with her NEW NOVEL, Trespassers Talking, as well as canvases, ornaments and jewelry.

Mississippi Artist and Writer Laurie Parker


Parker’s handmade earrings are not metal—surprise! They are made from cardboard!

So they are super light on the ears...

2016 signing and show schedule

At left—a tub of Laurie’s handmade bracelets—something new she added to her line in 2012. And you guessed it—they are made from paper! Reinforced with wire, they are surprisingly durable, and no two are alike.

Laurie Parker supported herself for three years in the 1990’s selling pins like the ones seen at left; they are made from paper, mat board and resin, and customers always mistake them for enamel until they pick them up and see how lightweight they are! They are not available in stores. This is because Laurie cannot wholesale them, as they are VERY labor intensive, and she must get full retail for them (and even then, it is precipitously close to minimum wage earnings for her!) She sells the limited amount she can physically produce in a year strictly at her major fall markets—

Celebration Village in Tupelo, and both Handworks and the Chimneyville Festival at the Trademart in Jackson. 


(See 2016 schedule)

Text Box: Greg Campbell Photography  1995

Tassel pendants were big in 2015...and Laurie created her own  take on the trend. Hers were reversible, detachable, and like all of her jewelry—LIGHTWEGHT..